A Bunch of Hype?

After a 21 day intense cleanse, its time for the Reintroduction Process.  According to the Clean Program, now that my body is detoxified, I should be able to notice how things really effect me.  The first thing that they recommend trying is gluten.

I was pretty strict during my cleanse, only cheating once, when I had the opportunity to go to game 6 of the NBA finals.  How could I pass up having a few beers at an event like that?  I didn’t notice any major differences, besides a little buzz, from the gluten in the beer.  With that in mind, I didn’t really expect to notice any difference when I actually ate gluten again.  They recommend eating three meals a day containing foods that are on the clean diet.  The exception is adding back in one food that you are evaluating.  A brown rice bowl from Chipotle, with organic chicken, guacamole, and lettuce was something that I had eaten during the cleanse.  I decided to get the exact same meal, but with a flour tortilla this time.  After finishing the meal, I immediately felt sluggish.  I quickly noticed that my body had a strange tingling feeling and that I couldn’t stop yawning. I was beat.  In fact, I ended up taking a nap for the first time since I had started the cleanse.  I was amazed at the effect that this meal had on me.  However, I wasn’t convinced that gluten was responsible for this.  Maybe all of the travel had just caught up to me.

For dinner that evening, we had another meal that fit into the Clean diet, but I added whole wheat pasta.  This time, I didn’t instantly feel exhausted, but I did notice a heavy weight in my lower gut and suddenly had gas.  This hadn’t happened the entire cleanse.  That night I also noticed that I had a stuffed nose.  However, the next day, was the real issue.  Mood swings and irritability best describe the day.  This is something that is often associated with gluten sensitivity.  I’m know Melanie, my wife, wanted to kill me!

The reintroduction phase is supposed to be a two day trial period. To be honest, I’m not going to put myself or anyone else through another day like that.  I thought this whole gluten free movement was a bunch of hype, but gluten obviously doesn’t work well with me.  I doubt I’m allergic, but probably have a sensitivity to it and am going to do my best to keep it out of my diet moving forward.  Luckily, through some quick online research and self experimentation, it seems like most beers (excluding wheats) have a much smaller amount of gluten than foods like bread, pasta, etc.  They haven’t had the same effect on me so far.  At least I don’t have to give up ALL of the good stuff!

The next test is dairy.