I’m reading an amazing book called “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership”. It isn’t officially published yet, but put it on your radar and pick it up once it is. I just read a very simple exercise about perspective that I wanted to share.

Take a minute to look all around you, 360 degrees, and count how many white objects you can find.

How many did you count? 10? 20?

Now answer this, how many green items did you count? Take a minute to really think about it.

Most likely you captured all the white items in the area and missed a few green ones, or possibly didn’t see any green at all. This is the power or attention and perspective. You find what you are looking for. This applies to happiness the same way as colored objects.

Do yourself and those around you a favor and practice looking for good things in life. Catch people doing things right. Notice and appreciate how fortunate you are.

Momentum is a powerful thing. Viewing life through this perspective could just be the catalyst needed to either shift or accelerate your life’s momentum in an exciting direction.